50 days to go: welcome on board

By Maragux

Hello Tea lovers !

Let me start this first blog post by welcoming you into this journey! All the team is very happy to share experiences, thoughts, tips and discoveries with you via this blog.

For this very first entry, let’s take a look at what happened this past semester. Creating an exhibition from A to Z is a complex and long task, as you can imagine. It requires a lot of discussions about so many different subjects of various importance. Who would have thought that finding a color scheme for the paper and online publications would have taken several weeks ?

Hence, the first four months of reflexion were essentially centered around finding our own voice, determining what we wanted to communicate about during this exhibition, creating our style, and make ourselves known.

Sometimes, it felt like everything was going so slowly, as if there was nothing changing in our project. And suddenly, the team was making a big step forward, achieving goals, solving problems, getting more precise.

The display team has selected the objects that were going to be the stars of the exhibition, while “Education girls” thought of diverse activities revolving around the use of tea. Together, we investigated about the Great Tea Race, the tea consumption, social history of tea, of other fascinating subjects to gather all the necessary information required to create our exhibition catalog. Publication team has been working hard ever since to design the latter.

Meanwhile, Marketing team has created all the social media tools required to communicate about the upcoming exhibition : Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been invaded by puns and photos of tea. Additionnaly, the website where you’re currently following our adventures has been designed by “Marketeam”, also responsible of the first fundraiser, a bake sale, and the sponsors investigation.

Everything that has happened, all the hard work we put into this big project, is possible because we make a great team. Creating an exhibition is not a solitary mission, it demands teamwork to be done properly. Sometimes things can appear difficult when everything is not coming as planned. Some objects were unavailable, some companies and organisations we wanted as sponsors never answered, some information we wanted to share in the catalog were impossible to find… It can be stressful, even scary, to face this kind of storm when you’re a student, a beginner in the museum world. But when the whole team gathers to find a solution, there is no issue that can’t be handled.

This collaboration is made easier because we share the same valors that we want to communicate with the public. We believe an exhibition made in the 21st century should be accessible to everyone, no matter the age, social and geographical origin, or mental and physical condition. Another goal was to use sustainable practices with our publications and to find other ways to promote sustainability through every action we undertake, including the partnerships we’re developing. For instance, we discovered that tea bags, although convenient, often can’t be recycled. With this in mind, we decided to find ways to make use of these leftover materials. As a result, we created different craft projects to share with audiences and were able to use the bags for our different educational activities.

There are only 50 days to go before the grand opening of A Tale of Tea Cities. We are working so hard to offer you a Tearrific experience in the Scottish Fisheries Museum, and we sincerely hope you’ll like this journey : come on board for a flavoured, mysterious, and fascinating cruise around the world !

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Nothing makes Marketeam happier than a volunteer badge
Catalog photographs making of featuring a very excited Sophie and a very focused Jasmine