Meet the Crew

Display Team

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Azam and Sophie selected the amazing objects for the exhibition, coordinated loans, and designed the display while collaborating with the other team members.


Azam Caesar

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Home town: Jakarta (Indonesia)

Previous studies and experiences: Azam did his undergraduate in History at the University of York, primarily focusing on Medieval and Early Modern period, graduating April 2018. During his undergraduate he worked as a tour guide at the National Museum of Indonesia. Currently he is doing an MLitt in Museum and Gallery Studies.

Future voyage: Azam has his eyes set on a curatorial post somewhere in the UK.

How does he take his tea? With milk and sugar, though the former depends if he remembered to buy some.


Sophie Lenihan

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Home town: Born in High Wycombe, lived all over (Germany, Saudi Arabia, Essex (UK)) before settling in Forres, Moray.

Previous studies and experiences: Sophie went to the University of Exeter studied BA Archaeology. Her main interests were human evolution and prehistoric art and archaeology. She worked as a tour guide at Brodie Castle in Nairn which gave her the drive to pursue a career in heritage.

Future voyage: Sophie would like to work in collections care and continue her passion of making archaeology accessible to the wider public.

How does she take her tea? As black as the night in northern Scotland where she and her family live.


Education Team

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Your children’s favorites! Aren and Jasmine oversaw the development and execution of different educational programmes during the exhibition.


Aren Ehman

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Home Town: Austin, Texas (United States)

Previous studies and experiences: She completed her undergraduate degree in Studio Art: Painting and Art History at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and then earned a Master of Arts in Art Education from The University of Texas at Austin. For the past several years, she has been teaching art to young students in Round Rock, Texas. Aren is now a postgraduate student, studying Museum and Gallery Studies at the University of St Andrews.

Future voyage: Aren is looking forward to working in the museum environment, a place for individuals to learn and be inspired.

How does she take her tea? This sweet girl likes it with honey.


Jasmine Wilkie

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Home town: born in Stirling but grew up in Clackmannanshire (Scotland).

Previous studies and experiences: She studied for her MA HONS in French and Spanish at the University of Glasgow, and subsequently worked for three years for Historic Environment Scotland. This enabled her to join the MLitt course in Museum & Gallery Studies at St Andrews this year.

Future voyage: Her past adventures gave her some insight into working in the heritage sector.

How does she take her tea? For this true Scottish girl, tea must be a combination of Earl Grey and milk. How else?


Marketing Team

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Margaux and Katie designed the website, organized a few fundraisers, and developed the advertising for the exhibition.


Katie Feldkamp


Home town: St. Louis, Missouri (United States).

Previous studies and experiences : As an undergraduate she studied History and Art History at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. After graduating, Katie worked as a Residence Hall Director before joining the Museum and Gallery Studies program at the University of St. Andrews.

Future voyage: She hopes to share her passion for art history with others through educational programming in museums.

How does she take her tea? This Midwestern has a properly English taste and drinks it with milk!


Margaux Ruaud 


Home town: Paris (France)

Previous studies and experiences: Margaux studied Art History, specialized in 19th century French Painting, as an undergraduate in the School of the Louvre in Paris. She then did a Master 1 in the same school, focusing on French Museology and Museum Administration. She’s currently doing an Erasmus programme (European exchange), following the Museum and Galleries studies Mlitt, and will graduate from her school in Paris in September.

Future voyage: Margaux would love to get involved in cultural diplomacy, possibly through international organisations.

How does she take her tea? The purer the better! No “nonsense” like milk or sugar for her.


Publications Team

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Yohan and Tessa created all the lovely catalogues, compiled the research, and developed supporting materials for this exhibition.


Tessa Evert

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Home town: Vienna (Austria)

Previous studies and experiences: She studied Art History as an undergraduate at the University of Vienna. During her studies, she worked at various cultural institutions and especially enjoyed the many possibilities of museum work. She’s studying at St. Andrews as an exchange student and will finish her postgraduate programme studies at her home University.

Future voyage: Afterwards she’s hoping to put the experiences gained in her year abroad to good use in the museum sector.

How does she take her tea? Tessa likes her tea with honey. The sweeter the better!


Yohan Mainguy

yohan 2.jpg

Home town: Dijon (France)

Previous studies and experiences: Yohan is a French student from the School of the Louvre (Paris). He studied Art History as an undergraduate, with a specialisation in Military Heritage and Archaeology, followed by a Master 1 in French Museology and Museums administration. He is currently an Erasmus student (European exchange programme) in MLitt Museum & Gallery Studies at St. Andrews, and will graduate from his school in Paris in September.

Future voyage: Following his past experiences in Paris and New-Orleans, Yohan would love to get involved in curating or collections care in history or military museums.

How does he take his tea? Usually with honey, but milk and sugar have found a growing place in his heart, due to his new way of life abroad.


Agnès Bos

Agnes Bos STAU m .jpg

Agnès is a lecturer in Art History at the University of St. Andrews and advises the students from the Museum and Gallery Studies programme working at the Scottish Fisheries Museum.


Linda Fitzpatrick

Linda SFM m .jpg

Linda is the curator of the Scottish Fisheries Museum and helps to advise the students from the University of St. Andrews.